Register for Online Services

You do not have to be registered for online services to use this website to consult with the doctor or to contact the practice. Online services do however allow you to:

  • Order your repeat prescriptions
  • Change your contact details
  • Review your medications and known allergies
  • Review your medical history, consultations and results

Our preferred online access route for those who are not yet registered with a provider is via the NHS App which can be downloaded on tablet or smartphone via your usual App store, or accessed by visiting

Would You Like to Register for the NHS App?

The advantage of this option is that you can validate your identity yourself at home without needing to bring documents into the surgery. The App will then link you to our surgery automatically.

If you already have online access with one of the other providers (e.g. Patient Access, Evergreen) then there is no need to switch to the NHS App unless you prefer to, as they all provide similar features.

If you do not currently have access to online services for medical records/medication details, and do not wish to (or cannot) register for this at home yourself using the NHS App, please use use our Register for Online Services form.