Statement from Paul Follows

Good evening all, Paul Follows has kindly put out the following statement to clarify some of the queries we’ve received today.

He has requested that if you do have any questions relating to this, please contact his office and not the surgery, and they will be able to help.

We hope you all have a good weekend.

Team W&M

“Good afternoon everyone.

I have been grateful to receive an endorsement from Dr Dave Triska in regard to our party policy on the NHS and of me as a candidate.

He is of course perfectly entitled to do this and speaks for HIMSELF and NOT THE SURGERY as a whole. Both points that he and the surgery have made clear (as was the original letter).

Dr Triska has courageously put his head above the parapet in way that many would not and I applaud him for that. Many are remarking to me the state things must be in for him to feel the need to take this action.

➡️ However, I have been deeply dismayed to learn of the abuse that his surgery has received and more specifically to the staff of the surgery following his letter.

You may personally disagree with his comments and you of course have every right to do so (though perhaps consider why he has felt it necessary to make them at all)…


If you wish to raise any issues or complaint though about this endorsement , I ask you to please direct those towards me and not to the staff of the surgery.

Thank you for reading.

Paul Follows
Lib Dem Candidate for Godalming and Ash 🔶”